The Latin Opinion Platform celebrates 13 years serving the community

After 13 years uninterruptedly publishing Latin Opinion, I simply must be grateful for being able to look back and feel total satisfaction about the quantification of the social contributions made possible.

In the first place, I want to thank all the excellent people who have been by my side, either as part of our staff or as contributors; and, the partnerships with people or solid organizations which together constitute a chosen group of the true productive section of the Latino community in our region, within every activity, including the religious ones.

Exceedingly grateful to our readers and clients, it is also fair and well deserved a special word for Alba De La Cruz and Beatriz Biardeau, who are the craft makers, together with Georginne Pérez, of the product that has ceased to belong only to Baltimore, and has spread itself to all Maryland and the rest of this region of this great nation, United States of America.

Latin Opinion has become a reference regarding high interest Information through radio, printed newspaper and its digital, bilingual version, social networks and video productions.

This 2017 has been a year with many awards. We still celebrate the honor of being granted the 2017 Service Society Award of Maryland University. Together with my joy for this award, I also feel grateful to all the people who, since my childhood have contributed to the route that has the everyday task of navigating amidst obscure community trends. Thankful to these people, and eternally grateful to God, I achieve to keep the steer on the paths of justice, faith, love, optimism, inspiration, fulfillment, gratefulness and the daily commitment of contributing and going beyond in social, education and commercial affairs.

A special greeting for our relatives and friends, who supply oxygen to our work, particularly enhancing my parents and my brother, Ronald Oribio.

Always oriented towards the Hispanic family, the Health topic is always a priority in the communitarian development of our region. These are difficult times for immigration matters, where, in our opinion, the Dreamers will be forgiven for not being guilty about anything, but it is also estimated that more detention centers, with capacity for thousands of people, will be opened for those arrested by the ICE. 2018 will be elections year and we should remember that in this country, electoral participation is the only means that can supply substantial changes in the law, that would favor the great Hispanic workforce of the nation. Let us support what is ours and everything that constitutes a legitimate contribution to a better quality of life for our people.

We will carry on the daily battle while we can, with the clear view that we stated when we broadcasted the first Communitarian Radio Show in Baltimore or when we printed the first edition of Latin Opinion, thus becoming pioneers of the bilingual communication media in Baltimore. ¡I rest assured with solid wishes of Peace, Health, Wellbeing and a shower of blessings for all!!

May God bless us all.

Gourmet demonstration with the Mexican Chef Pati Jinich, together with GOYA Foods at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington. D.C.

Rafael Toro, Head of Public Affairs at GOYA Foods, Isabel Lobo, from Odisea PR, Patricia Jinich Mexican Chef, known through her television series “Paty’s Mexican Table”, Erick Oribio CEO at Latin Opinion and Elected President of the Hispanic Tarde Chamber in Baltimore, María Fernanda Borjas, Executive Director and Founder of the Latino Student Fund, The Ambassador of Mexico in Washington, D.C. Geronimo Gutierrez Fernandez, next to Irasema Infante, from the Mexican Embassy, Gissele Gazek Nicholas, Chief of Staff at the Hispanic Trade Chamber of the United States and Alberto Fierro, Executive Director of the Mexican Culture Institute.



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