Felipe Santo-Domingo

10 Years Understanding the Community

Having spent a decade defending the Hispanic population of the state of Maryland before the state court, Felipe Santo-Domingo, practicing attorney, is proud of being able to offer a professional service of legal assistance in Spanish, for cases within the criminal realm, and specially for the solution of conflicts generated by transit violations or accidents.

Puerto Rican by birth and a resident of the USA since 2005; nowadays he is the owner of one of the most successful private firms in the region, whose secret is not only to understand their clients, but also to become a part of them, stated the attorney when interviewed by Latin Opinion.

“Since 2007 I work directly with the Hispanic community, either through different non-profit organizations, which supply social services; or through other organizations, government agencies or professional companies that are also interested in helping this area”, he pointed.

Felipe Santo-Domingo junto a su staff.

¿What type of cases do you handle?

Most of them are car accidents which result in any type of personal injury, where I try that my clients achieve some compensation for the damages. We also handle criminal cases such as robbery, drugs, domestic violence and serious transit cases, namely driving under alcohol intake or without a driver’s license or insurance. These are considered as serious because they could involve imprisonment.

¿According to your experience, which are the main concerns of the Hispanic people who come to you for legal assistance?

Most of my clients come for what we call minor cases, because in the Latin community, most people are hardworking and humble.

Nevertheless, we see many cases of violations due to driving without a license, because even though the state of Maryland is one of the few that allows obtaining this document without inquiring about your migratory status; many immigrants do not meet all the requirements and, out of the need, they end up in trouble.

 ¿What are the requirements?

Having been a resident of the state for more than 2 years, which should be demonstrated through statements of account, lease documents or other which can state that the applicant has lived here for that time. Also, you must have your taxes paid accordingly and approve a test.

¿In general, how would you assess the level of adaptation to the American legal system among our cultures?

In more than 10 years of practice I have seen everything. There are good and bad people in every community and social class, but most people in the Latin community are willing to comply with the law in this country and to submit themselves to this system, so that they can flourish here.

¿Which are your rewards in the exercise of your career? ¿What are you proud of?

95% of my clients are Hispanic. When I started I didn’t know there was such a great need for Spanish speaking attorneys, who had a direct connection with their clients and could understand their culture.

In this sense, this is one of my greatest achievements. Being able to help these people, because I am a part of them.

In my plans, I intend to keep offering a high-quality service at a low cost and have our office expanded as to satisfy the demand for bilingual attorneys, not only in Maryland but also in the neighboring areas.

¿How can you be spotted?

As a private attorney, I continue to collaborate with non-profit organizations.

You can also visit our office, located in 2031 Eastern Avenue, 1st floor in Baltimore, Maryland, Zip code 21231. Our phone number is 410-5582123.

We serve cases along the whole state, even though we are in Baltimore.



Phone Number: 410-558-2123

Address: 2031 Eastern Avenue, 1st floor.



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