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From the Washington Post Editorial Board:

“Democrats’ Hogan Derangement Syndrome. . .”

“Mr. Hogan has been rewarded with sky-high public approval ratings, which appear to have unhinged Democrats. . .”

“Unnerved by the governor’s popularity, they continue to pick odd fights with the moderate Republican. . .”

“Democrats, encumbered by a sense of entitlement and baffled by a middle-of-the-road GOP governor, seem bereft of a strategy and grasping for an agenda.”

“President Barack Obama was apparently among the many well-wishers who called Gov. Larry Hogan after he was diagnosed with cancer last year.

Hogan mentioned the gesture in passing Monday at the White House during the National Governors Association’s winter meeting, according to a transcript of the call.

The governor briefly thanked Obama for reaching out before asking Obama if he would commit to supporting an effort by governors to reform regulations. Obama said he ‘absolutely’ would.”



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